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About us

This is our catchphrase.

For a healthier and happier you, we offer you wholesome, well-balanced meals with a dash of fun and a sprinkle of flavour. Our in-house nutrition specialists created our unique healthy meals to assist you in achieving your health objectives.

What you frequently miss when working is the homemade food that your coworkers or colleagues are eating over lunch in the office. Your mouth starts to water as a result of the delicacy, taste, and freshness combined with the nutrition plan, which also kick-starts your hunger. Here, you look for someone who can assist you in achieving your goal of eating regularly prepared, fresh, and healthy foods from your kitchen.

We understand the need of providing hygienic and nutritious food, and with this in mind, we established Tiffin Services in Gaur city Crossing Republic and a 5-kilometer radius around the city of Delhi.

Cooks with experience are working to create something especially special for you in germ-free kitchens while we produce delicious cuisine. We serve a healthy diet and keep our menu fresh every day.

You must contact us by phone or email and delegate the remaining work to the professionals on staff.

What We Provide

wholesome meals

Meals that are fresh, healthful, and nutritionally sound are delivered right to your house.

Nutritional guidance

A simple online diet plan that is tailored to you by our nutritionists will make it easy and convenient for you to follow while on the go.


Typical Meal

The proper foods are consumed in the right amounts throughout our daily meals. Even though Indian food prepared outdoors is prone to be fatty, we make sure that our food contains little to no oil. An average Regular lunch will include:

1 Dal, 1 Veggie

4 medium-sized, wheat-based rotis

1 Rice (Rice of several varieties)

1 Salad


Diet Food

Diet Food is frequently viewed as bland and unappealing.  A Vital Foods Diet meal tastes just as good as the rest of them! Vegetables that shouldn’t be included in a low-calorie diet meal are minimized, if not entirely eliminated.Proteins, fiber, and minerals are abundant in the diet meal. An ordinary diet lunch will include:

1 Dal 1 Vegetable (Green Vegetables Included; Avoid Fatty Vegetables)

4 medium, white, or pearl millet, ragi, or multigrain rotis

1 Organic broken wheat or brown rice

One serving of salad

Juice, buttermilk, or soup, one

Small Plates

You might not be able to eat a complete dinner due to long workdays and a busy schedule. You can enjoy this time of day by eating a short, light supper from Vital Foods. Mini Meals are also appropriate for people who have a lower appetite without sacrificing the meal’s nutritional content.

An ordinary Regular Mini Meal includes:

1 Dal, 1 Veggie

1 Rice OR 3 Roti (Medium, Wheat-based)

An ordinary Diet Mini Meal includes:

1 Dal, 1 Veggie


Everyone enjoys having a snack. Sometimes we may be too busy for a proper meal or we may be hungry and in need of immediate nutriment. Locally sourced, nutritionally sound snacks are delivered to your house by Vital Foods. We deliver a snack between 4:30 and 5 o’clock. If you select our Snacks Plan, you will get some of the following snacks:

  • Sandwich subs
  • Sandwiches on the grill
  • Burger Pancakes in a multigrain wrap
  • Vermicelli Oats
  • Uttapam Dahi Wada
  • Rolls Bhel Dalia Kathi Parathas
  • Sandwich with Paneer
  • Extra Protein Dhokla


  • Mini Uttapam with Roasted Cutlets
  • Roasted Sabudana Wada with Idli Chutney and Khichdi
  • Khandvi Yellow/White Dhokla
  • For Snacks, a minimum subscription of 20 days is required

Why Choose Us ??

The meals are created by our in-house nutritionist to meet the average person's needs for carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and fibre

For 24 days, we eat a varied variety of food

We only use olive oil or rice bran oil. We do not use margarine, palm olein, or Vanaspati because they contain transfects.

For added fiber, a salad, soup, or raita is provided with the meal.

As a pro-biotic, buttermilk is incorporated into the meals to aid with digestion.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose between white rice and brown rice. Brown rice has a Low Glycemic Index and High Fiber Content.

Protein has a higher biological value when combined with cereals and pulses, which makes it easier for your body to absorb.

We serve a diverse cuisine on Thursdays to shake up your routine and excite your taste senses.

Cooking is done in copper pots. One of the known causes of gastroenteritis or "stomach flu," Norovirus, is thought to be destroyed by copper-containing metal surfaces.

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We deliver food at your door step in the five-kilometre radius of Gaur city crossing republic, Delhi

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You must contact us by phone or email and delegate the remaining work to the professionals on staff.


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